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If you use the terms of service, you will be deemed to have accepted the terms shared with you below. Our site doesn’t provide you with a guarantee of reliability and suitability for the purposes specified. Site availability or the existence of the site can be removed at any time by the founders. E-mails sent through our site can be viewed or not, or changed or viewed by any user in the system. Therefore, you agree to access our site's data only through our site's website.

Our site provides free service. But on our site, the premium purchase is also available for payment.

You continue by agreeing not to use our site for illegal purposes directly or indirectly. You cannot expect confidentiality for your e-mails, even in cases where you have sent e-mails on our site and are also encouraged to send personal or site-based e-mails. In the system of our site, your e-mail content will be considered public domain.

You will have e-mails containing private information contained in your e-mails and you will agree not to use our site's system to view them. Our site has no control over the materials placed in the mailboxes that you use.

You agree to keep our site away from the loss of e-mails, content contained in e-mails, and damage to your computer by viewing e-mails. This system has no connection with the damages caused directly or indirectly.

Please note that you also agree that you cannot send e-mails using our site and you can only receive e-mails. There are also several million emails in our service that we offer you for free. For this reason, you will also accept that the e-mails sent will be stored for up to 1 or 2 hours and that there may be changes in the domains. You may not use e-mails for important account registration and sensitive data collection purposes.

If you choose the Premium option of our site, you will also accept that the use of authorization and payments will take place on the "FakeEmail" platform and desktop website. The premium of our site provides you with temporary disposable e-mails. They do not have the personal mail software you use.

With the Free version of our site, you can:

  • Get access to free domain names list,
  • Create a new e-mail address whenever you want,
  • Change the email names you have;
  • Opportunity to automatically view e-mails and attachments,
  • View browser notifications for new emails,
  • The right to read incoming e-mails, including attachments,
  • Download sources (.EML), including attachments;
  • Quickly delete and/or create new email addresses;


Future Functionality

You agree that the purchases you make on our site are not dependent on any functionality in the future. You also agree that your purchases are not bound by verbal and written public comments regarding functionality and feature in the future when our site may perform.

Warranty Disclaimers

In the services we provide to you, direct service provision is applied without guarantee. We don’t guarantee that the services on the site and the products offered to you are suitable for your needs and that they will provide you with continued service by proceeding in an uninterrupted, safe, and error-free manner. During the period of our service, there is no guarantee that certain domain names and address assets, as well as some e-mails, are stored in your account as pre-sent.


You have the right to indemnify our site, its officers, founders, employees, and representatives responsible for your access to the services and any claims, disputes, demands, liabilities, damages, losses, costs, and expenses that will violate the terms and conditions arising from this access.

Your Consent

By using the services of our site, you will be deemed to have accepted the Terms of Service and Privacy policy.

Changes to Our Terms of Service

If a decision is made to change our Terms of Service, we will post those changes on the page for you to view.


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