Frequently Asked Questions

The use of fake email accounts has been created to ensure your privacy in the best possible way. For this reason, for those who want to get to know the service better, below are frequently asked questions and their answers. In this way, you can have detailed information about the function and service of our site.
E-mail addresses, which are used as temporary and disposable e-mail addresses, have emerged to protect the privacy of individuals. No registration is required to use these email addresses. These e-mail accounts, which have a temporary life, are cleaned after a while. They are known as e-mail addresses that serve completely anonymously.
Usually, temporary e-mail addresses are used to protect privacy on sites that are not trusted. These e-mail accounts, which are especially preferred on sites such as games, betting, shopping, surveys, and raffles, are suitable for you to use without risking your e-mail account.
No registration is required to use your temporary email account. In addition, since these e-mail accounts you use are anonymously presented to you, all the personal information you have, such as address and IP address, will disappear after the expiration of your e-mail address. In this way, you will ensure your privacy. In addition, thanks to these temp mails, you will be able to see that your messages are delivered instantly. We create e-mail accounts for you automatically and present them to you. If you wish, you will also have the right to customize your e-mail account. Finally, you will discover that your e-mail account will serve as a protection against cybercrime.
You have the opportunity to use the e-mail addresses provided to you until you delete the account. In addition, if you wish, you can create new e-mail addresses and delete your old accounts by using those accounts.
If you want to delete the emails that have come to your mail account, you will see the delete option when you hover over the mail. In this way, you can clean the e-mails in your account. In addition, we clean the information in the expired accounts.
If you don’t like the e-mail accounts we offer you on our site, you will have the opportunity to customize them. You can continue to review the accounts until you create the one you like by renewing the e-mail accounts we offer you on our site.
We aim to ensure your security in your e-mail accounts. Therefore, no one but you has access to your accounts and information. For this reason, you have the opportunity to make your private conversations with your e-mail addresses.
If you want to receive an e-mail account from our site, there will be as many e-mail accounts as you want on the main screen. In this way, you can use the e-mail accounts presented to you as you wish. You won’t be charged membership to use the mail accounts on the site.
The e-mail accounts on our site are offered to you completely free of charge. You can use these e-mail accounts for free. However, if you want to take advantage of the premium membership on our site, you will see subscription prices. For detailed information, our team will assist you.
If you want to use temp mail, you should copy the mail address on the main screen and paste it to the places you want to use. In this way, e-mails from people will be sent to your account. In addition, by using temp mail in many places such as site memberships, you will get rid of unnecessary mail that may come to your mail account.
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